Principal Component Analysis (with Varimax Rotation) of the Three Panels’ Ratings

Panel 1: Distance to lived-through experienceEvocativeness0.780.65
Panel 2: Contents of the descriptionMovements/dynamic forms0.520.30
Bodily experiences0.700.63
Images of agency0.620.49
Images of environments/object0.820.68
Autobiographical exp.−0.460.600.58
Panel 3: Qualities of the interactive situationVisible signs of inner listening0.450.22
Amusedness regarding experience0.630.45
Support by the interviewer−0.410.450.38
Relaxedness of the interaction0.900.80
Openness to own experiences0.870.86
Sum of squared loadings2.4181.9491.683
Proportion of variance0.2200.1770.153
Cumulative variance0.2200.3970.550